What is 1/2 price books ?

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What is 1/2 price books ?

Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Incorporated is a chain of new and used bookstores in the United States.

The company’s basic motto is “we buy and sell anything printed or recorded except the newspaper of tomorrow”, and many of the books,

music and movies used for sale at each location are purchased from local residents. Huh.

The corporate office is located at a prime Northwest Highway location in Dallas, Texas. Half Price Books now operates over 127 stores (including outlets) in 17 states.

History of 1/2 price book

Founders Ken Gazemare and Pat Anderson opened the first store in a former laundromat in Dallas, Texas in 1972, filling the shelves with 2,000 books from their personal libraries.

Pat Anderson’s daughter, Sharon Anderson Wright, is the current President and CEO of the company.

In 2009, Sharon’s sister Ellen O’Neill stepped down as chairman of the board to

become more involved in the family business.

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